Support programs for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, according to their degree of progress.

For entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with a business project, receive advice to create your company, request the appropriate help to the stage or phase you have reached, from the hand of the best experts. Complete this registration clearly indicating the phase in which you are to propose the program that suits your needs.

  1.     Encouraging Entrepreneurship - EMPRENDET Dynamics
  2.     I have an Idea - Design your ONLINE model with "self-help" IDEATE + WEBINAR Lean Startup
  3.     I want to be an Entrepreneur - Improve your entrepreneurial skills with LED COMPETENCES
  4.     My business model - Check it with LEAN CANVAS
  5.     Me Lanzo - PRE-ACCELERATION Week
  6.     My First Steps - Accompanied by a MENTOR. Mentoring Program
  7.     I Accelerate My Project - MAW Week. Vertical POST-ACCELERATION. (Only in Tenerife)
  8.     I grow in Sales and Investment - Access to all financiers. Mentor FINANCE
  9.     Practice Open Innovation - Access to large tractor companies. CHALLENGES
  10.     Going abroad - Program of INTERNATIONALIZATION
  11.     Expand my Business - Access Investors. Mentor COINVIERTE
  12.     Already invoiced> 100,000 euros - Access to the BBOOSTER DYRECT Fund
  13.     I Already Have Benefits - Help other entrepreneurs of MENTOR DAY



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